we will never be as punk rock as this cat

This is something I started a long time ago and I decided to tackle it again today. Concept for one of the races for a worldbuilding project I’ve been working on! They still don’t have a name oops.

Vitiligo, pigmentdisorder by Fransje on Flickr.


Leur Getter’s Biscuit Print Polka Dot Ribbon OP 

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Aaron Vernon, Alexandre Cunha,  Leebo Freeman, Harry Curran, Nick Warkus, Ton Heukels, Harry Goodwins, Justus Ensfeld, Lukas Katinas, Nicolas Hagius, Nicolai Otta, Lucas Ziegele, Paul Boche, Demy Matzen, Malcolm de Ruiter,Ryan Barrett, Luca Jamel, Marcel Nestler, Andre Bona, Ian Sharp, Norman Theuerkorn and Lex Olsen for L’Officiel Hommes Thailand November 2013.

Photographed byLivia Alcalde.

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holy shit. 

this is on a whole new level of patience

This is natural art.

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more quick ish working out krita + ways of drawing spaces stuff. colours are weird and exciting. 

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The Eerie Beauty Of Crimea’s Abandoned Soviet-Era Salt Mine Might

Crimeans call it Sivash, or the “Rotten Sea,” in reference to the unpleasant smell that wafts from the network of shallow, salty lagoons. But for those willing to look past the stench, an otherworldly vista awaits.

Sergey Anashkevych, a photographer in the region, has captured jaw-dropping photos of the marshy area, which includes an abandoned Soviet-era salt mine. According to Caters News Agency, in some spots, the water takes on a deep crimson hue as a result of halobacteria, single-celled microorganisms that are purple in color and found in highly salty

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